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The Guide to Maine Courts

Self Help and Legal Research


This page provides information about Self Help and Legal Research resources in Maine. Links are grouped by those that cover courts statewide, for multiple counties, and then by individual county.

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Please select a Maine county below to view directory of all courts with links to court record resources for each court. Find Maine court pages by Town or Zip Code. Select a Maine court resource category to view all links statewide. Go to the court records pages for another state.

Maine - Statewide Self Help and Legal Research
Legal Information
Legal information is available in several languages on a variety of topics, including Housing, Family Law, Employment, Education, Consumer, Benefits, Health, Taxes, Veterans and Military, and Civil Rights. General court information is also offered, including fee waivers, small claims, and other court procedures.
Maine Statutes
Search Maine Revised Statutes by keyword, title, or section number. Click LIST OF TITLES in the left column to browse by title, chapter, and section.
Self-Representation Information
The HelpMELaw website offers information for people who do not have attorneys, including links to legal information, legal services, lawyer referral services, and other resources.
Traffic Violation Information
View information about traffic violations, including answers to frequently asked questions, definitions of terms, and payment options.
Small Claims Court Information
View information about small claims cases in Maine District Courts, with links to laws, forms, and additional online resources. Links to a Small Claims Guide and forms are in the left column.
Domestic Violence Information
View answers to frequently asked questions about domestic violence, domestic abuse and the Protection Order process in Maine. In addition, there are links to agencies and programs for further legal assistance.
Child Support Services
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services offers information about child support services, including information related to paternity, online payments, child support questions about a specific case, and other resources related to child support.
Business and Consumer Court
View information about the statewide court division that handles certain business and consumer cases. Links to forms and answers to frequently asked questions are in the left column.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
View information about mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Maine Superior Courts, with a link to a searchable directory of mediators and other ADR neutrals.
Legal Information Pamphlets and Web Pages
The Maine Bar Association provides pamphlets and web page links on a variety of legal topics.
Court Rules
View Maine court rules.
Representing Yourself
View information about representing yourself in Maine courts. Links to a Citizen's Guide to the Courts, legal resources, and frequently asked questions are in the left column.
Help Guides and Handbooks
The Maine Judicial Branch provides a Citizens Guide to the Maine Courts, a Guide to Protection from Abuse and Harassment Actions, a Guide to Small Claims Proceedings in the Maine District Court, and several family law publications.
Family Division Information
View information about Family Division of the District Court, including child protective cases, guardians ad litem, divorce, juvenile cases, publications, and rules.
State Law Library
View information about the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library, including contacts, hours, available resources and services, an online catalog, and links to legal research resources.
Equal Justice Partners Information
Maine Equal Justice Partners offer information about the legal aspects of health care, public assistance, education, and employment issues for low-income residents.
Disability Rights Information
The Disability Rights Center offers publications on various aspects of the rights of the disabled.
Executive Clemency Information
View information about commutations of sentences and pardons of criminal convictions in Maine, including frequently asked questions and a downloadable application for clemency.
Superior Court Civil Case Information
View information about the types of civil cases heard in Maine Superior Courts, and general information about civil procedure.
Superior Court Criminal Case Information
View information about criminal procedure in Maine Superior Courts.
District Court Civil Case Information
View information about the types of civil cases heard in Maine District Courts, and general information about civil procedure.
District Court Criminal Case Information
View information about criminal procedure in Maine District Courts.
View information about Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions (eviction) in Maine District Courts.
Mental Health Commitments
View information about involuntary mental health commitment procedures in Maine District Courts.
Protection Orders
View information about protection orders in Maine District Courts, including types of orders, a downloadable guide, and links to additional online resources.
Foreclosure Diversion
View information about the Foreclosure Diversion Program, which arranges mediation between homeowners and lenders. Links to forms and answers to frequently asked questions are included.
View definitions of common legal terms and acronyms.
County and Online Law Libraries
View information about local law libraries and online library resources. Links to locations and online resources are in the left column.
Victim Help
The Maine Department of Corrections offers information about services available to crime victims, including notification, assistance with harassment problems, a prisoner and probationer search, and address confidentiality.
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resources
The Prosecutorial District 7 District Attorney's Office provides links to resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Foreclosure Prevention Resources
View resources for preventing foreclosure in Maine, including local housing counseling agencies, state agencies and hotline, and links to legal aid providers.
Maine Multiple County Self Help and Legal Research
Drug Court
View information about Adult Drug Treatment Court, which can set up a treatment program and reduce sentences for offenders with substance abuse problems. Drug Courts operate in Androscoggin, Hancock, Penobscot, Washington and York Counties and in Portland District Court.
Aroostook County - Self Help and Legal Research Resources
Aroostook County Criminal Procedure
The Aroostook County District Attorney's Office offers information about criminal procedure including pretrial motions, criminal complaints, probable cause hearings, bail, and grand jury. Contact information for Victim/Witness Advocates is also available.
Cumberland County - Self Help and Legal Research Resources
Cumberland County Criminal Procedure
The Cumberland County District Attorney's Office offers information about criminal procedure, including charges, bail, arraignment, motions, plea agreements, subpoenas, trial, sentencing, and victim compensation.


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