Questions About Premium Search

What is PeopleSmart?
PeopleSmart is a people search engine designed to help you connect with and find others. With a friendly, privacy-first design, PeopleSmart makes it easy to find the directory information you need.

PeopleSmart is an advertising partner with and offers premium public record reports to its users. For more information about PeopleSmart, visit their website at
How do I access the report I purchased?
To view your purchased or saved reports, sign in to PeopleSmart and navigate to “My Activity” under your name in the top right menu bar. Select “Saved Searches” to open a list of reports. Click a report link to view the full report.
Who do I contact about my PeopleSmart account?
Direct all questions regarding your PeopleSmart membership or your report purchase to PeopleSmart through their website. Here are some helpful links:
How do I cancel my PeopleSmart Membership?
To cancel a membership, sign in to PeopleSmart. Click on your account name in the top right corner and select "My Memberships". Click on the "Cancel Membership" button, then simply follow the prompts to complete cancellation.
How can I remove my name from your directory?
PeopleSmart data is aggregated from a range of sources. By opting out of the PeopleSmart directory, you are not removing your data from public records. PeopleSmart removes your information from their website, but your information can still be accessed from another source. To opt-out or manage your personal information on the PeopleSmart directory, click here.

Questions About Court Reference

What is is a reference guide and a court directory. It was created to help you identify which courts handle different types of cases in each state and to provide information on how to access those records. In many cases, our database provides links to free online court searches provided by the courts or state agencies. We supply links to each court's website when available, and provide an address and telephone number for each court.

The reference guide and court directory is free to use. Maintenance and site costs are paid for through advertising and site sponsors.
I am looking for “divorce records / death records / etc.” Can you send them to me? is not a court and has no control over any court or court website. Contact the court in the relevant jurisdiction to obtain the information you’re looking for. For more information on how to find court records, here’s a helpful blog post: How to Find Case Records: A Refresher
How do I report an error that I found on your site?
To report an error or give general feedback, notify us by filling out this online form. Note: is not a court and has no control over any court or court website. This form is not a method of contacting any court or other government agency.

Third-Party Services

If you ordered products or services through one of our third-party partners, please refer to the support links below for help with signing in, cancels, refunds, opting out of the database, and more.