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King County District Court East Division - Issaquah
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This page lists online resources for the King County District Court East Division - Issaquah, online resources applicable to courts generally in King County, Washington, as well as resources applicable to all courts in Washington.


Searching Case Records

King County District Court Cases
King County District Court cases filed after January 1, 2005. They can be viewed at a cost of $0.25 per page, plus a credit card service charge.
A subscription service offering access to the District and Municipal Court Information System (DISCIS), the Judicial Accounting SubSystem (JASS) and the Superior Court Management Information System (SCOMIS). Registration, application fees, and user fees apply.
Superior, District, and Municipal Court Case Records
Under "Search for a case" click "Case Search Options" to search Washington Superior, District, and Municipal Court case records by name, court, case type, and year filed; or by case number and court. Under "Search for a person" click "Name Search" to search all courts by person name only; click "Licensed Health Facility Search to view an alphabetical list of people with active Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders with their associated case number and court.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

King County District Court Calendar
Search King County District Court calendar by location and court type.
District and Municipal Court Dates
Search Washington District Court, Municipal Court, and Traffic Violations Bureau upcoming court dates by name and court. Search results include case number, participant name and type, case type, and appearance time and location.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Legal Opinions
Search or view Washington Attorney General legal opinions from 1975 to current.

Self help, legal research, general information

King County Legal Information and Online Resources
The King County Bar Association offers an extensive list of links to legal information and online resources for a variety of legal issues, including King County resources, legal research sites and other legal materials.
King County District Court Small Claims Information
Find general information and instructions for completing King County small claims forms and proceeding in small claims actions.
King County District Court Name Change Information and Forms
Find forms required for name changes in King County District Court, as well as general information regarding name change procedures.
King County Mental Health Court Information
Find information and forms for proceeding in King County Mental Health Court, which is a division of District Court.
King County District Court Protection orders
View information about obtaining protection orders in King County District Court, including anti-harassment, domestic violence and sexual assault.
King County District Court Infractions Information
Find general information regarding traffic infractions in King County District Court.
Representing Yourself in Court in King County
View and download guide on how to represent yourself in court in King County.
King County Law Library
View information about King County Law Library and self-help resources.
Legal Information and Self Help Resources
Information and resources are organized by topic and include Family Law, Child Support, Housing, Landlord-Tenant, Consumer, Domestic Violence, Harassment, Elder Law, Youth Law, Civil Rights, Criminal Law and other legal issues.
Self-Help Resources and Links
Information about courts, court services, court records and legal information related to Domestic Violence cases and Small Claims Court.
Washington State Court Guide
Find information about legal issues, types of cases, legal terms, court services and court procedures.
eService Center
Offers answers to Frequently Asked Questions, organized by popularity. Includes legal information, information about legal assistance and information about court procedures.
Legal Research Resources
The Washington State Law Library lists links to online legal research, information about library reference services and how to conduct legal research. Online resources include the Revised Code of Washington, Washington Administrative Law and other legal materials.
Washington State Bar Association Resources
Find information on various legal topics, including alternatives to court, bankruptcy, consulting a lawyer, criminal law, divorce, landlord-tenant, probate, elder law and other legal issues.
Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information
The Washington State Department of Licensing offers information related to traffic laws, motor vehicle laws and driver licenses.
Child Support Services
The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services offers information and services related to child support, including making, changing or enforcing a child support order and paternity establishment.
Court Resources, Publications and Reports
Publications and reports by the Washington State court system on various legal topics, such as family law, DUI, and small claims.
Self-Help Legal Materials Specifically for Women
Self-help and legal education materials designed specifically for women in areas including family law, violence against women, employment and health. A phone number is provided for addition legal information questions.
Washington State Guide to Legal Protection from Domestic Violence
Information on the four court orders available to domestic violence victims (Protection Order, Restraining Order, No-Contact Order, and Anti-Harassment Order) in Washington State and how to obtain and enforce them.
Washington State Probate Information
General information, instructions, and forms regarding probate proceedings in Washington State.
Washington Expungement Information
View a variety of self help resources related to the expungement of Washington criminal records.
Washington State Drug Court
View information about Drug Court and other problem-solving courts in Washington State.
Guide to Sealing Criminal Records in Washington State
View a guide to sealing and destroying court records, vacating convictions and deleting criminal history records.
Washington Foreclosure Mediation
View information about the Washington State foreclosure mediation program, an alternative to traditional foreclosure procedures.
Washington State Introduction to Small Claims Court
View information about small claims cases in Washington State.
Washington State Revised Code
Search Washington State Revised Code (statutes) by code name, or browse codes by table of contents.
Court Rules
View statewide court rules and Superior, District, and Municipal Court local rules.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

King County Lawyer Referral Service
The King County Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service, including an option to request a referral online.
King County Free Legal Advice
Service arranges individual appointments with volunteer attorneys for 30 minutes of free legal advice regarding non-criminal matters. Available to King County residents or others with legal matters in King County. No income restrictions.
Legal Services for East and Northeast King County Residents
Volunteer attorneys provide free or low-cost legal services in civil matters for residents of East and Northeast King County. The service does not provide assistance on criminal matters.
King County Residential Tenants Legal Assistance
Volunteer-based service for low-income King County residential tenants facing eviction.
King County Office of Public Defense
View information about the King County Office of Public Defense, who provides low-cost legal representation for individuals charged with crimes, or who risk losing their children.
Find Free and Low-Cost Legal Assistance
Search a directory of organizations offering free and low-cost legal assistance by county.
Find Legal Assistance
The Washington State Bar provides lawyer referral services and information about organizations offering free and low-cost legal services.
Find an Interpreter
The Washington State Court Interpreter Program offers an online search of interpreters by county, language, name, city and zip code. Information about interpreter services is also available.
Attorney Complaint Forms and Information
Find information about making a complaint about an attorney from the Washington State Bar Association. A complaint form is available.
Public Defender Services
The Washington State Office of Public Defense offers legal information, online forms and contact information for defender services.
Bar Association - Lawyer Directory
Search the Washington Bar Association directory of member attorneys. Search by name, city, status, area of practice or language spoken.
Washington Attorney Discipline Notices
Search the Washington State Bar Association database of attorney discipline notices.

Forms and related information

King County District Court Forms - Spanish
Download King County District Court forms in Spanish.
Court Forms
View and download forms for use in Washington courts. Browse forms by category, or view a list of all forms. Links to instructions and additional information about forms, and King County family law forms in Spanish, are under "Related Links" in the right column.
Interactive Online Form Completion Assistance
Guided interviews assist the user to fill out Washington State court forms on selected legal topics, such as domestic violence and divorce.

Online fine payments

Pay King County District Court Fines
Pay King County District Court fines online. A processing fee applies.

For information on other public records in King County, Washington see the King County, Washington Public Records Directory
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