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Daviess County Circuit Court
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This page lists online resources for the Daviess County Circuit Court, online resources applicable to courts generally in Daviess County, Indiana, as well as resources applicable to all courts in Indiana.


Searching Case Records

Indiana Case Information
Access to basic case information for Circuit and Superior Courts in most Indiana counties, and for some City and Town Courts, is available to the general public. Search options include party name, case ID, and county. Advanced search options and other features are available through a subscription service.
Indiana Limited Criminal Records
The Indiana State Police offer a limited criminal history online search service with a subscription or per-search fee. Criminal case information is limited to felonies and Class A misdemeanors.
Indiana Protective Orders
Search protective and no-contact orders filed since July 1, 2009 by name or case number. Additional search options include year of birth, race, county issued, and city of residence. Links to forms and instructions for obtaining orders are at the bottom of the page.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Indiana Court Calendars
View daily and weekly calendars for Circuit and Superior Courts in most Indiana Counties, and for some City and Town Courts. Click the name of the court in the right column to access the calendars, which appear under the List of Courts tab.

Published opinions and orders

Recent Indiana Attorney General Legal Opinions
View Indiana Attorney General legal opinions from 2001-2008 and from 2009-current.
Older Indiana Attorney General Opinions
Search the Indiana University database of Indiana Attorney General opinions from 1933 - 1976. Search by keyword or browse by author, title or subject.

Self help, legal research, general information

Daviess County Child Support Payments
View instructions for making child support payments in Daviess County.
Daviess County Protective Order Information
View information about protective orders in Daviess County, with links to guidelines for filing and state forms.
Daviess County Community Corrections Programs
Daviess County Community Corrections offers information about its programs, including community service, community transition, home detention, pretrial supervision, suspension assignment, and work release.
Daviess County Traffic Infraction Deferral
The Daviess County Prosecuting Attorney's Office offers information about its Infraction Deferral Program, which can result in dismissed charges for some traffic offenders.
Indiana Legal Information
View Indiana legal information related to a variety of topics, including divorce, child custody, child support, evictions, foreclosures, debt collection and other legal issues, including general information about the courts and legal system. Information is also available in Spanish.
Indiana Self-Representation Information
View information and resources for people without attorneys, including a guide to representing yourself in court, mediation, protection orders, finding a lawyer, court forms, legal research, and foreclosures.
Indiana Court Code
Title 33 of the Indiana Code offers a detailed explanation of trial court jurisdiction and procedure.
Indiana Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information
Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles provides information about traffic tickets, criminal violations, license suspension, and license reinstatement.
Indiana Child Support Information
The Indiana Courts offer an online child support calculator and child support guidelines. Links in the left column provide access to parenting guidelines, a search of protective orders, and additional online resources.
Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Resources
View resources for preventing foreclosure in Indiana, including local housing counseling agencies, state agencies and links to legal aid providers.
Indiana Rules of Court
Indiana Court Rules are available in English and Spanish. Links to local rules and recent rule amendments are also offered.
Indiana Code
Browse the statutes of the Indiana Code by title number and subject.
Informational Videos
View informational videos in English and Spanish, including representing yourself in small claims or family cases, mediation, and mortgage foreclosures.
Indiana Supreme Court Law Library
View information about the Indiana Supreme Court Law Library, including hours, available materials and resources, and an online catalog.
Indiana Foreclosure Help
View information about the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network, with an online application form.
Indiana Small Claims Manual
View and download the Indiana Small Claims Manual.
Indiana Child Support Payments
View instructions for paying child support, with links to related forms and answers to frequently asked questions
Indiana Child Support Services
The Indiana Child Support Bureau offers information about child support orders, payments, enforcement, and establishment of paternity, with links to guidelines, online payments, forms, and additional resources.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Free Indiana Legal Services and Community Resources
Search Indiana legal services and community assistance organizations for low-income and elderly residents by county and city.
Indiana Legal Assistance
Find links to organizations offering free and low-cost legal assistance to eligible clients.
Indiana Attorney Discipline Records
The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission offers an online search service of attorney status and a listing of orders and opinions in attorney discipline cases.
Indiana Attorney Complaint Information
The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission describes how to make a complaint about a lawyer, including an online complaint form.
Indiana Lawyer Directory
Search the roll of attorneys licensed to practice in Indiana by name or attorney number. Search may be limited by city.
Indiana State Public Defender
View information about the Indiana State Public Defender office, which provides representation to incarcerated criminal and juvenile defendants who cannot afford a lawyer. See the right column for a link to local county Public Defender offices, which represent criminal defendants charged with a crime that could result in incarceration.
Indiana Free Legal Help
View a directory of organizations that provide free civil legal services, arranged by county.
Indiana Legal Answers
The Indiana Pro Bono Commission provides a free online resource for low-income residents to ask questions and receive answers from lawyers. Registration is free; applicant must meet income, residency, and other qualifications.

Forms and related information

Indiana Court Forms and Instructions for Self-Represented Parties
View and download Indiana Court forms and instructions designed for parties representing themselves, including child support, divorce, fee waiver, name change, motion for contempt, criminal history, appeals, motion for continuance, and protection orders.
Indiana Court Forms
View and download Indiana forms including civil, criminal, alternative dispute resolution, family, protection orders, no contact orders, workplace violence restraining orders, and complaints against attorneys and judges.
Indiana Child Support Forms
View and download child support forms from the Indiana Child Support Bureau.

Online fine payments

Pay Daviess County Traffic Citations
Pay Daviess County traffic citations online. A convenience fee applies.
Pay Daviess County Court Fines and Fees
Pay Daviess County Court fines and fees online. A convenience fee applies.
Pay Daviess County Traffic Tickets
Pay Daviess County traffic tickets online by name, ticket number, or license plate number. A service fee applies.
Pay Indiana Child Support
Pay Indiana child support online by Social Security number or case number. A convenience fee applies.

For information on other public records in Daviess County, Indiana see the Daviess County, Indiana Public Records Directory
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