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67th District Court - Central Court
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This page lists online resources for the 67th District Court - Central Court, online resources applicable to courts generally in Genesee County, Michigan, as well as resources applicable to all courts in Michigan.


Searching Case Records

67th District Court (Genesee County) Records
Search 67th District Court (Genesee County) records by case number, traffic ticket number, or name and case type.
Criminal History Search
Search criminal histories by name and date of birth. Registration is required and a fee applies.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Legal Opinions
Search Michigan Attorney General opinions from 1963 to present. Search by full text, keyword, subject, headnote, or opinion number.

Self help, legal research, general information

67th District Court (Genesee County) Infractions
View information about civil infractions in 67th District Court (Genesee County), including traffic ticket response options, hearings, default judgments, extensions, fine payments, and municipal (non-traffic) infractions.
67th District Court (Genesee County) Landlord/Tenant Matters
View information about landlord/tenant matters in 67th District Court (Genesee County), including rent, tenancy, and starting a lawsuit.
67th District Court (Genesee County) Small Claims
View information about small claims cases in 67th District Court (Genesee County), including filing instructions, trial procedure, and collecting a judgment.
67th District Court (Genesee County) Money Judgments
View information about collecting money after a judgment in your favor in 67th District Court (Genesee County).
67th District Court (Genesee County) Garnishments
View information about garnishments in 67th District Court (Genesee County), including types of writs and service.
Genesee County Community Service
View information about the Genesee County Community Service Work program, with links to work rules, a time sheet, and a list of approved agencies.
Genesee County Mental Health Court
View information about Genesee County Mental Health Court, which can set up a treatment program in lieu of incarceration for some offenders in 7th Circuit Court and 68th District Court. A link to the agreement form is included.
Genesee County Consumer Protection Information
The Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney's Office offers information about fake debt collection scams, identity theft, and telemarketing fraud.
Court Rules
Search Michigan Court Rules and other rules related to court procedure, including the regulation of lawyers and judges, by keyword; view rules by rule type and chapter.
Legal Information and Self Help Resources
The State Bar of Michigan offers legal information organized by topic including Consumer, Criminal, Debt, Elder, Family, Identity Theft, Immigration, Landlord/Tenant, and Wills and Trusts. Additional links include Finding a Lawyer, Finding a Law Library, legal research resources, and Michigan legal websites.
Legal Information
Search for legal information articles by keyword, or browse by topic including Criminal, Domestic Violence, Elder, Family, Housing, Benefits, Consumer, Employment, Immigration, Native American, and more. Some materials are available in Arabic or Spanish.
Court Services and Procedures
View information about going to court, including interpreter and disability accommodation requests and other general court issues. View tips for finding legal information, collecting money on a judgment, and general information about court procedure including civil case filing and response, court hearings, and mediation. Links are in the left column.
Small Claims Cases
View information about small claims cases, with a link to the Small Claims Self Help Center which has procedural instructions and downloadable forms.
Foreclosure Prevention Resources
View resources for preventing foreclosure in Michigan, including local housing counseling agencies, state agencies and programs, and a link to legal aid providers.
Office of Dispute Resolution
Find information on alternative dispute resolution in Michigan, including the Community Dispute Resolution Program and a list of mediation centers by county.
Michigan Compiled Laws, Acts, and Constitution
Search Michigan statutes and the Michigan Constitution by section or statute number, name, chapter, or keyword. Links to advanced search, Public Acts search, and index of chapters are in the left column.
Michigan Law Libraries
View information about the State Law Library including available resources, document copying and delivery, and links to online legal research resources. A directory of local law libraries by region, with links to their websites, is also available.
Types of Cases
View information about various types of cases including civil, civil infraction, custody, divorce, eviction, support, felony, misdemeanor, paternity, personal protection, small claims, name change, emancipation, and setting aside convictions. Links to the case types are in the left column.
Setting Aside an Adult Conviction
View information about having an adult criminal record set aside (expunged), including a downloadable application form.
Setting Aside a Juvenile Adjudication
View information about having a juvenile record aside (expunged), including a downloadable application form.
Landlord/Tenant Information
View a guide to Michigan Landlord/Tenant laws and regulations.
Eviction Cases
View information about eviction cases including landlords' and tenants' rights, reasons for eviction, and procedure. Follow links to Self Help Centers for Nonpayment of Rent, Damage to Rental Property/Health Hazard, Recovering Possession or Terminating Tenancy, Illegal Drug Activity, and Mobile Home issues.
Problem Solving Courts
View information about Problem Solving Courts, which are programs of Circuit and District Courts that provide alternatives to incarceration, such as treatment, education, and community service for some offenders. Types of programs include Drug, DWI, and Family Dependency Court; Mental Health Court; Veterans Treatment Court; Community Court; and other types such as Child Support Court, Domestic Violence Court, Gambling Court, Gun Court, Homeless Court, Teen Court, and Truancy Court. Links are in the left column.
Tribal Court Information
View information about Native American Tribal Courts in Michigan, with contacts and links to individual court websites.
Consumer Protection Guide
View and download a Consumer Protection Guide with information about rights, legal action, types of consumer issues, and a directory of helpful agencies.
Consumer Protection Information
The Michigan Attorney General's Office offers information about various types of consumer issues, tips, alerts, brochures, and instructions for filing various types of complaint forms.
Victim Help
The Michigan Attorney General's Office offers information about crime victims' rights and compensation, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to additional state and local services and resources.
Legal Self-Help Information
Michigan Legal Help offers information by topic including Family, Protection from Abuse, Housing, Consumer, Expungement, Benefits, and Tax. Links to local Self-Help Centers, community services, and courts are provided by county.
Victim/Witness Information
The Prosecuting Attorney's Association of Michigan offers information for crime victims and witnesses, including a glossary of criminal terms, tips for testifying in court, the steps in a criminal case, and victim rights including compensation and answers to frequently asked questions.
Driver Improvement Course
View information about the Basic Driver Improvement Course program, which can keep points off driving records of eligible offenders who complete the course. A link to course providers is included.
Crime Victim Information
The Michigan Department of Corrections offers information about the parole consideration process, victim notification, crime victims' rights, a victims' compensation application form, brochures, and links to agencies that serve victims.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Genesee County Consumer Protection Complaints
The Genesee County Sheriff's Office Consumer Fraud Unit investigates complaints about consumer fraud and deceptive business practices. A link to the complaint form with filing instructions is included.
Genesee County Bad Check Restitution and Prosecution
The Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney's Office offers information about its Bad Check Restitution Program, with filing instructions, tips for merchants, and report form. Links are in the left column.
Genesee County Victim Help
The Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney's Office offers information about its services for crime victims, including explanation of the criminal justice process; court escort; case status notification; referrals to community services; information about victim impact statements, victims' rights, and restitution; and help applying for crime victims' compensation. Links to "Crime Victim Services" Juvenile Division and Criminal Division are in the middle of the page.
Genesee County Lawyer Referral
The Genesee County Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service by telephone, including a 30-minute consultation for nominal fee.
Find Legal Assistance
View information about lawyer referral services, Legal Assistance Centers, and court-appointed attorneys.
Free and Low-Cost Legal Services Search
The State Bar of Michigan offers a search of legal service providers by type of service and county, with contact information and links to organizations' websites. These organizations provide free and low-cost legal services to low-income residents.
Directory of Free and Low-Cost Legal Services
View organizations offering free and low-cost legal services to low-income residents, by county and legal issue.
Find Attorney Discipline Records
The Michigan Attorney Discipline Board offers online access to notices of discipline, disability, and reinstatement since October 1978 by attorney last name.
Lawyer Referral Services
The State Bar of Michigan offers a statewide lawyer referral service by phone or online request, and contact information for local lawyer referral services by county.
A Practical Guide to Hiring a Lawyer
View this publication from the State Bar of Michigan that helps the reader decide when it is necessary to hire a lawyer, and how to find and hire a lawyer.
Lawyer Directory
Search the Michigan Bar Association directory of member lawyers by name, address, member type, or member number. Additional search options include committee and section membership. Use the "geographic roster" links in the left column to view a list of member lawyers by city.
Complaints Against Attorneys, Judges, and Court Personnel
View the procedure for filing a complaint against a Michigan attorney, judge, Friend of the Court, or other court personnel.
Complaints Against Judges
The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission offers information about the procedure for requesting an investigation of a judge for misconduct.
Complaints Against Attorneys
The Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission offers information about the procedure for requesting an investigation of an attorney for misconduct.

Forms and related information

Online Court Forms
View and download forms for various legal issues and general court procedure. Categories of available forms include, but are not limited to: civil, criminal, domestic relations, probate, juvenile, landlord/tenant, mental health, motor vehicle, name change, personal protection, and small claims. Forms are organized by subject and may be searched by form number or form name.
Attorney Complaint Form and Information
The Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission provides instructions and a form to request an investigation of an attorney for misconduct.
Judge Complaint Form and Information
The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission provides instructions and a form to file a grievance against a judge.

Online fine payments

Pay 67th District Court (Genesee County) Fines
Pay 67th District Court (Genesee County) fines online by name and date of birth, traffic ticket number, or case number. A credit card fee applies.

For information on other public records in Genesee County, Michigan see the Genesee County, Michigan Public Records Directory
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