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Allegheny County Magisterial District Court 05-2-11
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This page lists online resources for the Allegheny County Magisterial District Court 05-2-11, online resources applicable to courts generally in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, as well as resources applicable to all courts in Pennsylvania.


Searching Case Records

Magisterial District Court Case Records
Search Magisterial District Court case records by citation number, date filed, docket number, name, and other criteria. Additional search options include date of birth, county, court office, docket type, and case status. Search results include basic case information with links to docket sheets and court summaries. Some future docket events will be included.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Magisterial District Court Calendars
Search Magisterial District Court calendars by date, name, attorney information, docket number, and other criteria. Additional search options include judicial district, court office, docket type, and case status. Search results include basic case information with links to docket sheets and court summaries.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Opinions
View selected Pennsylvania Attorney General official opinions since 1994 by date.

Self help, legal research, general information

Allegheny County Domestic Violence Victim Services
View information about services available to victims of domestic violence in Allegheny County, including shelters and court ordered protection from abuse.
Allegheny County Legal Information For Young Adults
The Allegheny County Bar Association offers information on subjects of interest to young adults, including rent, purchases, contracts, DUI, social media, underage drinking, credit cards, rights, sexual harassment, controlled substances, texting and driving, and more. A link to lawyer referral services is included.
Allegheny County Legal Information
The Allegheny County Bar Association offers free downloadable brochures including a Consumer's Guide to Pennsylvania Law, a guide for those turning 18, and a guide to probate and living trusts. It also offers links to legal resources including monthly "Legal Briefs" on a variety of topics, definitions, answers to frequently asked questions, a guide for families in medical crisis, monthly legal tips, and resources for military and veterans. Click the "Free Brochures" and "Legal Resources" menu items at the top of the page.
Allegheny County DUI Program
View information about the Allegheny County DUI Alternative to Jail Program, which can set up treatment in lieu of jail for some DUI offenders.
Allegheny County Expungements
View information about expungments of criminal records in Allegheny County, including types of records that can be expunged and instructions for starting the process.
Allegheny County Legal Information by Topic
View information about a variety of legal topics and a glossary of legal terms.
Allegheny County District Attorney Information, Programs, and Services
The Allegheny County District Attorney's Office offers information about criminal procedure; domestic violence including internet safety, protection from abuse, and shelter locations; and programs and services including Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition for DUI offenders, restitution, victims' rights, Phoenix Docket plea deals, victims' compensation, and witness protection.
Pennsylvania Unofficial Statutes
Search the unofficial version of Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes by keyword or statute number, or browse by table of contents. Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes (P.S.) are an unofficial compilation of laws that have not been consolidated by the legislature into the official Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.
Legal Information and Legal Resources
View legal information and resources by topic, including consumer, children and families, employment, health, housing, benefits, disability, education, elder law, immigrant and migrant issues, and veterans and military.
Glossary of Legal Terms
View a glossary of legal terms used in the Pennsylvania courts.
Foreclosure Prevention Resources
View resources for preventing foreclosure in Pennsylvania, including local housing counseling agencies, emergency mortgage assistance, and a link to legal aid providers.
Domestic Violence Resources
View information about domestic violence, find links to state and national resources, learn about domestic violence by topic or from a downloadable publication, and find local shelters and other domestic violence services by county.
Mediation Information
View information about mediation, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to court. Click "Find a Mediator" to search for Pennsylvania mediators by specialty and county.
Guide to Pennsylvania Court System
View a guide to the court system in Pennsylvania, including how the courts are organized and what types of cases they hear.
Restoration of Driving Privileges
Information for persons who have had their Pennsylvania driver license suspended and want to have their driving privileges restored.
Local Court Rules
Search local Court of Common Pleas and Magisterial District Court rules by county and adoption date range.
Official Pennsylvania Statutes, Laws, and Constitution
Search the official Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes by keyword or citation, or browse by table of contents. Search the Unconsolidated Statutes by keyword or act number, or browse by act name. Browse the Constitution by table of contents.
Court Rules
Search Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence, Rules of Civil Procedure (General and Orphans' Court), Rules of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Rules, and Minor Court Civil Rules (Magisterial District Courts and Philadelphia Municipal Court) by keyword, or browse by table of contents. Court Rules are part the Pennsylvania Code, a compilation of administrative rules. Court Rules are found in titles 225 through 246, the last titles in the compilation.
Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation offers information about traffic and motor vehicle laws, licensing, restoration of licenses, and other motor vehicle issues.
Legal Information and Publications
The Pennsylvania Bar Association offers consumer information pamphlets on a variety of legal topics, public information campaign links, answers to frequently asked questions about working with a lawyer, and a legal guide for senior citizens.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Allegheny County Public Defender
View information about the Allegheny County Public Defender office, which provides criminal defense, mental health, and juvenile representation to income-eligible persons facing possible loss of liberty. See links in the left column for answers to frequently asked questions and other information for clients.
Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Lawyer Referral
View information about the Allegheny County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, which provides a search by area of law and location and a free initial consultation; and the Pittsburgh Lawyer Finder, which provides an online referral by area of law, information about the attorneys, and a guide to hiring an attorney.
Free Civil Legal Help for Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence Counties
Neighborhood Legal Services provides free civil legal help for income-eligible residents of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence Counties. Links to online legal resources are included.
Allegheny County Free Legal Help
The Allegheny County Bar Foundation's Pro Bono Center provides links to free legal services by area of law, including family, civil rights, consumer, criminal, health, disaster, divorce, education, elder law, employment, entertainment, housing, immigration, military and veterans, arts and business, protection from abuse, benefits, taxes, and wills.
Free Legal Help Locations
View a list of Pennsylvania legal services providers, or search for local agencies with an interactive map.
Find Free Legal Assistance
Search for providers of free legal services by location and legal issue, or view a directory of providers in alphabetical order.
Attorney Information and Status
Search for attorneys admitted to practice in Pennsylvania by name, attorney ID, city, and county. Results include attorney status and whether and attorney has been subject to discipline.
Lawyer Referral Services
The Pennsylvania Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service and lists local lawyer referral services by county.
Find Criminal Defense Attorneys
The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers offers an online directory search and links to criminal justice information.
Complaints Against Judges
View information on filing a complaint against a Pennsylvania judge with the Judicial Conduct Board. A link to the complaint form is included.
Senior Citizens Legal Assistance
View information about legal assistance available to elder Pennsylvania residents.
Consumer Protection
The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection offers information about its services, including legal action based on complaints, a mediated restitution program, a specialized Health Care Section, and links to complaint forms and brochures.
Complaints Against Attorneys
View instructions for filing a complaint against an attorney with the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. A link to the complaint form is included.

Forms and related information

Allegheny County Magisterial District Court Record Request
View and download a form to request records from Allegheny County Magisterial District Courts.
Forms and Instructions
View and download various civil, criminal, expungement, landlord-tenant, record request, protection from abuse, Orphans' Court, dependency, and other forms for use in Court of Common Pleas and Magisterial District Court. Some form instructions are included.
Attorney Complaint Forms and Information
View and download attorney complaint forms and instructions in English and Spanish from the Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Consumer Complaint Forms
The Pennsylvania Attorney General offers online and printable complaint forms including consumer, do not call, spam and junk mail, health care, insurance fraud, elder abuse, civil rights, and charity.

Online fine payments

Pay Court of Common Pleas, Magisterial District Court, and Philadelphia Municipal Court Fines, Costs, and Restitution
Pay Court of Common Pleas, Magisterial District Court, and Philadelphia Municipal Court fines, costs, and restitution online by citation number, payment plan number, docket number, or name. Additional search options include court type, offense date, year filed, date of birth, case type, case number, county, and court office. A convenience fee applies.
Pay Allegheny County Magisterial District Court 05-2-11 Citations
Pay Allegheny County Magisterial District Court 05-2-11 citations online. A service fee applies.

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