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Bourbon County Circuit Court
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This page lists online resources for the Bourbon County Circuit Court, online resources applicable to courts generally in Bourbon County, Kentucky, as well as resources applicable to all courts in Kentucky.


Searching Case Records

Kentucky Court Case Records
Search Circuit and District court case records by party name, case number, or citation number. Additional search options include county, court division, case type, party type, birth date, driver's license number, and event date.
Kentucky Criminal Record Information
View instructions for obtaining criminal record reports from the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Kentucky Circuit and District Court Case Information
Search upcoming civil and criminal case information for Circuit Courts and District Courts by name, case number, or citation information. Additional search options include county, court division, case type, party type, birth date, driver's license number, and event date range. Citation search requires citation year, control number, and type. Search results include case number, case title, hearing type, hearing date, and eligibility for online payment.
Kentucky Court Dockets
Search Circuit Court and District Court daily dockets by county, court division, date, courtroom, and subdivision. Search results include case number, case title, hearing type, courtroom, and time.

Published opinions and orders

Kentucky Judicial Ethics Opinions
View and download Kentucky Judicial Ethics Opinions by opinion number and subject.
Attorney General Legal Opinions
Search Kentucky Attorney General legal opinions from 1992 to present. Search by keyword, year or number.

Self help, legal research, general information

Kentucky Family Court Information
View information about Family Court, a division of Circuit Court that handles family law cases such as divorce, support, custody and visitation, paternity, adoption, domestic violence, and juvenile. Information includes types of cases handled, locations of family courts, divorce education, domestic violence treatment providers, and answers to frequently asked questions.
Legal Information
The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky offers an online public law library with a variety of legal information organized by case type.
Kentucky Court Administration
View information about the Administrative Office of the Courts, including court services such as interpreters, mediation, records, drug courts, pretrial release, and juvenile services.
Kentucky Court Programs
View information about Kentucky court programs including the Citizen Foster Care Review Board, Court Designated Workers who work with juvenile offenders and diversion agreements, court interpreters, divorce education, drug court, guardian at litems, mediation, and pre-trial services such as diversion.
Child Support Services
The Kentucky Department for Income Support's Child Support Enforcement program offers information and assistance related to child support. Information and services include how to apply for child support, contacts and office locations, child support calculation and modification, paternity, and wage withholding.
Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information
The Kentucky Division of Driver Licensing offers information related to traffic laws, motor vehicle laws, driver's licenses, and State Traffic School. State Traffic School includes an online version.
Kentucky Mediation Information
View information about Kentucky mediation, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to court. Criminal cases can be mediated. Information includes guidelines, forms, educational resources, and a roster of mediators searchable by name or location.
Kentucky Court Directory
Search the Kentucky court directory for clerks, judges, administrators, Court Designated Workers, mediators, and pretrial officers by name or location.
Kentucky Court Rules
Search Local Rules of Practice for Circuit Courts and District Courts by circuit or district, rule type, and county.
Kentucky Domestic Violence Information
View and download a brochure about preventing domestic violence, including how to obtain an emergency protective order or domestic violence order.
Kentucky Probate Procedure Information
View and download a guide to Kentucky probate procedure, including estates, fiduciaries and sureties, guardian and conservators, curators, and name changes.
Kentucky State Law Library
View information about the Kentucky State Law Library, including location, hours, and available materials and services.
Kentucky Drug Court Information
View information about Kentucky Drug Court, which can set up a treatment program in lieu of jail for some offenders.
Foreclosure Prevention Resources
View resources and information for preventing foreclosure in Kentucky, including a list of steps to take, scam avoidance, local housing counseling agencies, state programs and laws, state and nonprofit agencies, and links to legal aid providers.
Kentucky Laws
Search the Kentucky Revised Statutes by keyword or browse the table of contents by title and chapter.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Legal Aid Network of Kentucky
View information about organizations offering free and low-cost legal services to eligible clients. A list of local legal services programs, a clickable map to find local offices in your area, and a toll-free phone number for seniors are included.
Find a Kentucky Lawyer
The Kentucky Bar Association offers an online search service for attorneys by name, city, county, and membership section.
Kentucky Public Advocacy
The Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy provides criminal defense services to low-income defendants. A list of offices in each county is included.
Complaints Against Kentucky Lawyers
The Kentucky Bar Association offers information about filing a complaint against a lawyer for misconduct. A downloadable complaint form is included.
Kentucky Lawyer Referral
The Northern Kentucky Bar Association offers an online lawyer referral service that covers all counties. Online referral requests must include the legal subject and may also inlcude a county.
Kentucky Consumer Protection
The Kentucky Attorney General's Office provides information about consumer protection in the areas of charities, buying a car, identity theft, home repairs, telemarketing, small business, and debt adjusters; information about various types of fraud including internet, phone, home solicitations, business opportunities, home improvement, disasters, and buying clubs; and instructions and forms for filing consumer complaints.

Forms and related information

Kentucky Court Forms
View and download Kentucky court forms including general forms, civil, criminal, domestic violence, juvenile, small claims, probate, mental health, guardianship/conservatorship, diversion, records check requests, and court interpreter requests. Search forms by case type or form number.
Attorney Complaint Form
The Kentucky Bar Association provides a downloadable complaint form for lawyer misconduct, and information about filing a complaint for lawyer misconduct.
Self-Help Forms
The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky offers interactive self-help legal forms for child support, divorce, small claims, landlord-tenant, debt collection, criminal record expungement, court fee waiver, living wills, and name changes.

Online fine payments

Pay Kentucky Court Fines and Fees
Pay Kentucky court fines and fees online by citation control number or defendant name. Most counties are included. A convenience fee applies.

For information on other public records in Bourbon County, Kentucky see the Bourbon County, Kentucky Public Records Directory
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