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Buncombe County Superior Court
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This page lists online resources for the Buncombe County Superior Court, online resources applicable to courts generally in Buncombe County, North Carolina, as well as resources applicable to all courts in North Carolina.


Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

North Carolina Superior and District Court Calendars
Links to specific calendar types and instructions are in the left column of the North Carolina Court Calendars web page. Use Civil Calendars and Criminal Calendars links to view calendars by county, court type, date, and courtroom. Use District and Superior Court Query link to search calendars for all cases by county, court type, and defendant name. Use Imparied Driving Query, Citation Query by Citation Number, or Citation Query by Defendant Name links to search calendars for traffic cases. Use Statewide Officer Court Appearance Query link to search for officers' appearance dates by county, agency, officer name, or officer number. Use Superior Court Master Calendar link to view general Superior Court schedules by court division.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Legal Opinions
Search North Carolina Attorney General legal opinions from 1977 to current. Serach by statute, topic, date, requestor or keyword.

Self help, legal research, general information

Buncombe County Estate and Guardianship Information
View information about guardianships, types of guardians, and estate administration in Buncombe County.
Buncombe County Special and Juvenile Proceedings
View information about special and juvenile proceedings in Buncombe County, including name changes, emancipation, foreclosures, adoptions, incompetency and guardianship, and involuntary commitments.
Definitions of Common Legal Terms
A glossary of commonly used legal terms, organized alphabetically.
Court Information
View answers to frequently asked questions about child custody, mediation, arbitration, court calendars, divorce and child support, special courts, guardianship, traffic violations, lawsuits, wills and estates, worthless checks, and civil and criminal court procedure.
Court Rules
View General Rules of Practice for Superior and District Courts, Local Rules for Superior and District Courts by county, and the Judicial Code of Conduct.
Legal Information
Legal Aid of North Carolina offers publications organized by topic, including family topics, immigration, courts and small claims, disabilities, domestic violence, divorce, disasters, education, employment, housing, seniors, and wills.
Search Supreme Court Library Materials
Search the North Carolina Supreme Court Library online catalog by keyword or phrase, author, title, subject, or series. Browse the catalog author, title, subject, or series. Search by call number and publication type.
North Carolina Traffic and Motor Vehicle
The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles offers information related to traffic laws, motor vehicle laws, driver licenses, identification cards and requests for traffic records.
Dispute Resolution
View information about dispute resolution, which includes mediation and arbitration and can help parties resolve disputes without going to court. Links in the left column include a searchable mediator roster, Program Information about Superior and District Court civil and criminal mediation and settlement conference programs, complaints about mediators, and other programs including community mediation.
North Carolina Criminal Background Checks
View information on how to obtain single criminal background checks through a local Clerk of Superior Court office, or ongoing background checks through the Administrative Office of the Courts.
Legal Information and Resources
View self-help information by topic including family, housing, consumer, criminal, employment, wills and estates, military and veterans, seniors, benefits, education, disaster, health, taxes, disability, community and business, environment, farmworkers, immigration, individual rights, Native American rights, and going to court.
Foreclosure Help
Links to resources that provide foreclosure assistance in North Carolina.
Court Procedure Information
View information about going to court in North Carolina, including costs, calendars, contacts and locations, criminal and civil court processes, essential forms, and answers to frequently asked questions.
North Carolina General Statutes
Search North Carolina laws by chapter and keyword, look up an individual section number, or browse the table of contents.
Legal Resources
The North Carolina Advocates for Justice offers general online legal information, information for immigrants, public education brochures, information about living wills, and links to additional online government and legal resources.
Child Custody Mediation
View information about child custody and visitation mediation, which can help parties resolve custody and visitation issues without going to court.
Child Custody Visitation
View information abou the Access and Visitation Program, which helps non-custodial parents with visitation issues.
Court Process Information
The North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys offers information for the public, including frequently asked questions about courts and attorneys, a description of the court process, a glossary of terms, information about victims' rights and compensation, and links to local District Attorneys by location and name.
Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Sexual Assault Resources
The North Carolina Council for Women offers domestic violence, abuser treatment, displaced homemakers, and sexual assault programs and resources. Links to local programs by county are included.
Drug Treatment Courts
View information about North Carolina Drug Treatment Courts, which can set up treatment programs in lieu of jail for some offenders. Links to adult, youth, family, and mental health courts are in the left column and include lists of counties with existing programs.
Court-Ordered Arbitration
View information about arbitration, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to court and is mandatory in some civil actions. Links in the left column include forms, answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary, and a list of counties in which arbitration is available.
Guardianship Information
View answers to frequently asked questions about guardianships for incompetent adults and minor children in North Carolina.
Lawsuit Information
View answers to frequently asked questions about lawsuits in North Carolina, including where to file, monetary limits for each court, attorneys, self-representation, and court procedure.
Vehicle Seizure Information
View information about vehichle seizures for DWI offenses in North Carolina, including how your vehicle may be seized and how you can get it back.
Wills and Estates Information
View answers to frequently asked questions about North Carolina wills and estates.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Find Free Legal Assistance
View information about Legal Aid of North Carolina, which provides free civil legal services to low-income clients. Find a local office by county or a specialized statewide or regional program by topic.
Find a North Carolina Lawyer
The North Carolina State Bar offers links to a search of licensed attorneys by name or location, and a directory of certified specialists.
Information About Lawyers
The North Carolina State Bar offers information its programs and lawyer regulation, with links to legal resources, working with a lawyer, complaints about lawyers, fee disputes, and lawyer misconduct.
Find a North Carolina Public Defender
The North Carolina Office of Indigent Defense Services offers legal information and links to Defender services, including State Defender offices and Juvenile Defenders. Online forms and applications for services are also available.
Attorney Discipline Information
View information about North Carolina attorney discipline and search recent disciplinary actions, search disciplinary orders by attorney and keyword, view disciplinary hearing schedules, and search for injunctions against attorneys by name, location, and date range.
Child Support Enforcement
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services offers information about child support enforcement including online access to personal case information and payments; general information for the public, parents, employers, and attorneys; and a glossary of terms.
Request Legal Help
Low-income residents search for legal assistance providers, self-help resources, community help, and court information by location, type of problem, and eligibility criteria.
Find Legal Assistance
View a directory of organizations providing free and low-cost legal assistance to low-income residents, by organization name or location.
North Carolina Lawyer Referral
The North Carolina Bar Association offers lawyer referrals by telephone or an online search form. Referral is free but the lawyer may charge a fee for an initial consultation.
Find a North Carolina Trial Lawyer
The North Carolina Advocates for Justice offers a searchable directory of its members by name, location, and specialty.
Free Legal Help
The North Carolina Advocates for Justice offers free initial consultations with an attorney by telephone or e-mail. Search for participating lawyers by location and area of interest.
Consumer Protection
The North Carolina Department of Justice provides information about consumer protection and various types of fraud including charities, disasters, credit, health, internet, investment, and telemarketing. Links to online complaint forms are included.
Victim Assistance
The North Carolina Department of Justice offers information about programs to assist victims of elder abuse, identity theft, consumer scams, domestic violence, and other crimes. Tips for avoidance, procedures for reporting, information about compensation for crime victims, and a link to Victims Compensation Services are included.
Worthless Check Program
View information about the Worthless Check Program, which allows some bad-check writers to avoid prosecution by participating in the program and paying off the check and fees. Information includes eligibility, counties in which the program is available, links to local programs, procedures, and answers to frequently asked questions.
Complaints About Judges
View information about the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission, procedures for filing a complaint against a judge, and links to records of disciplinary actions against judges.
Legal Services of Southern Piedmont
View information about Legal Services of Southern Piedmont, which provides free civil legal assistance to low-income persons in Mecklenburg County and west-central North Carolina. Services include family support, health care, immigration, consumer protection, employment, elder law, and taxes.

Forms and related information

North Carolina Court Forms
View and download North Carolina Court forms by form number, form title, case type and form type. Court forms include administrative, civil, criminal, probate, juvenile, small claims, fee waiver and special proceedings.
North Carolina Attorney Complaint Forms and Information
The North Carolina State Bar offers information about the State Bar Grievance Committee and assistance with complaints about the conduct of an attorney, including an online complaint form.

For information on other public records in Buncombe County, North Carolina see the Buncombe County, North Carolina Public Records Directory
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